Photography – I have been around this most of my life as my parents owned a photofinishing business, members of my family are either professional photographers or pure hobbyists.  Most of my work centers on aviation and  desire is to photograph and share memoires of when I have experienced the art and science of flight.

I continue to learn the art of photography with my initial adventures limited by equipment, technology, and basic photographic skills.  My photo gallery is a mix of various themes and includes images that are scans from negatives.  Going back in time to review those photos continues to be a never ending discovery of forgotten events.    Enjoy

Web Site Design – It’s a way for me to help others have a web site that expresses who they are and what they do.  Worked on sites for individuals that wanted to share their talents or advertise their business.  These sites can be dynamic like a blog (WordPress), file management, photo album, or share information by a club or group and some are simple set of linked pages.  All of my work focuses on establishment of a clean and consistent style with intuitive navigation as well as helping to determine the best hosting technology. 

Music seems to be what is currently occupying my time.  My experiences with Old Time music can be found at the Mountain Color website