My brother Larry and I got to relive our childhood with a ride in a Cessna 172 that is owned by my friend Tom. We took a morning flight around the city of Indianapolis and during the flight we executed a few basic flight maneuvers. One was a stall where at altitude the power is reduced to allow the airplane to stop flying. Once the nose drops, airspeed picks up, power is applied, and we start flying again. The other is a touch and go where you land and then immediately take off. The attached video is our landing. Larry is in the right seat.
While attending the Mustangs and Legends air show in Columbus, Ohio a F22 Raptor did a “fly by” with three WWII P51 Mustangs. It was interesting to see the “new” fly with the “old.”
At the Dayton air show there was a flight demonstration of the Marine Corps AV8B Harrier. This jet aircraft can fly like a helicopter and is meant for ground attack. However, the British are pretty good and flying it in air combat mode. The video shows the Harrier in hover mode as it then transitions to flight mode.